About Us

Liberation Unleashed is …

a global movement of people helping others to see through the illusion of self, that there is no separate entity behind the word ‘me’.

We guide the seeker to pass through what is often called the ‘Gateless Gate’. The awakened journey begins here.

We use the Direct Pointing method, which consists of a dialogue between a guide and seeker. The guide poses very specific questions in order to focus the attention on the seeker’s experience of the present moment. This triggers the awakening insight often referred to as ‘seeing no-self’.

All you need to do is bring your honesty, curiosity and courage. If you are ready to look directly at experience, we are ready to guide you.
Click on the link, and follow the instructions there to engage with a guide. The guide will help you, through direct questioning, to dive deep into your own experience. We will not give you more concepts, we will question those that you already have until you are left face to face with reality. It is that simple.

Simple, but at times fears arise. It takes courage to question your deepest beliefs. We try to work with directness and courtesy, but if we find resistance in looking, we might use the Zen stick to bring focus back to the Gate.

By ‘crossing the Gateless Gate’, the illusion of the separate self is seen through. This is the end of the seeker and the beginning of living as the natural state.

We ask nothing from you except your own intention to see.

We make a bold claim. Awakening is available now, in a short time, on the internet and for free.


The method of inquiry used on this site may actually work, unlike many spiritual practices. It will likely change how you regard your self, your relationships, and your world. Neither you nor we can predict how this will turn out for you. If you are already mentally or emotionally fragile, it may exacerbate a mental condition or disorder. If you are currently relying on a prescription or self-prescribed substance to regulate your mood or your sanity, we strongly suggest you not enter into this process. Our guides are not therapists and cannot take responsibility for your mental health, before or after. If your relationships are unsatisfactory, they may improve, or they may not. If you have strong religious or spiritual beliefs, direct experience may support them, or (in our experience) not. You are at all times responsible for your honesty, integrity and focus. A leap into the unknown is just that. We will do everything we can to support it, insofar as we are volunteers working online, with attendant limitations.

We maintain several Facebook groups that allow people who have been through a forum process to discuss and work through common issues. These are not a substitute for any mental or physical help that you may need after Gate. None of the group participants is responsible for your well-being, or can be held liable for any advice. Adopt any more thoughts, concepts, or beliefs at your own risk.

Enter into this process if you are ready and willing to question all your beliefs and assumptions about awakening, if you are ready to face your fears, and if you prefer truth to comfortable lies. Do not enter if your goal is to fix the parts of your life that you think are broken, to embark on a self-improvement project, or to gain some kind of spiritual certification. Spiritual tourists will be taken to the airlock and launched into deep space.

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